Cunoști un copil care are nevoie de ajutor?

Let’s help them together.

Help comes in many shapes and we are sure that together we can make
the world a better place.


Treatments, therapy sessions, medical equipment

Development and

Classes, camps or other activities that can help with the harmonious development of the child


We know how important it is to cover basic needs.

What is the process?

The process we have created is simple and easy to follow, continuously seeking to
achieve results. In case you encounter any difficulties, our coordinators will be happy to

Tell us your story

We are always searching for children in need of help. Their stories can be told by anyone, whether they are parents, family members, teachers, or any aquaintances of the child.

Let us publish it

As soon as the application form is filled out by the parent/ guardian and the guarantor, the story will be checked to guarantee its authenticity.

Donors will fund it.

Once published, the story will appear in front of the donors, whom will help the child.

Ready to help?

Are you the parent / guardian of a child in need or do you want to become a guarantor for a child you know? Now you are a step closer to making their story known.

I want to help my own child

The child I want to help is mine or is under my tutelage.

I want to help a child I know

I know a family in need of help and want to become the guarantor of the story.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply for help and request a donation for a child?

Who is the guarantor of the story?

Who, what and how much can I help with?

What are the steps I have to follow to ask for help?