Why can you trust us?

We wish to earn your trust at every step, that's why we made a list of the most important reasons why you can count on us.

Each story is verified

We examine all applications, applicants, guarantors and suppliers carefully through our risk management system. By doing so, we protect the contributions from our donors and we reassure the families that we will offer our help to everyone in need.

Every story needs a guarantor

Each application has to be certified by a guarantor: a person who knows the child well and can confirm that the child truly needs our help.

100% of your donations are used for covering the needs of children

All donations are used exclusively for supporting the children in need, while our other expenses are covered by Premier Energy.

We protect the contributions of our donors

We never send money directly to the family: the donations are used for buying the goods or services from the suppliers that provide the necessary assistance for each story. The only exception is emergency help.

You can choose who you want to help.

Each donor can choose the story of a specific child they want to help or they can donate to our bank account registered at UniCredit Bank: RO93 BACX 0000 0023 6059 2001. We will then redirect the donation according to our regulations.

We are transparent

We publish yearly reports on our website.

We are audited yearly

Every year we are audited by the audit company Financial Tax Services SRL.

You can verify us

Our foundation is registered in The National Register of Associations and Foundations, available on Ministerul Justitiei website.

Success stories

We pride ourselves with the help we managed to offer so far, but we are not stoping here.

S-a întâmplat ceva extraordinar ce nu s-a mai întâmplat niciodată. Ați sprijinit complet toți copiii de pe site-ul nostru și le-ați dat speranță pentru o copilărie mai fericită. În acest moment procesăm alte povești de copii pe care le vom publica pe site cât mai curând posibil.

Frequently Asked Questions

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